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Data Analytics


Data Analytics

Web & Mobile Development

Data Analytics
Web & Mobile Development

Data Analytics

We connect you with the amazing Data Analytics talent you need.

Augment your team with elite experts in Data Engineering, Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Image Recognition, and Natural Language Processing.

SEHA Data Analytics Delivery Methodology

  1. Define business problem Where can you get the best ROI?
  2. Raw Data Collected How can I get data to satisfy business problem?
  3. Data Processed Does the data have missing values?
  4. Clear Dataset Hooray!!!
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis Can I find any high level patterns in my data?
  6. Models & Algorithm Do I have a clean model that can solve my business problem?
  7. Communicate & Visualize Is the output of the model conveying a message?
  8. Make decisions
  9. Data Products Can I incorporate the decisions produced in operational workflows?
  10. Repeat


  1. Data Science Python R
  2. Data Visualization Power BI Tableau Qlik
  3. Data Transfromation & Integration SSIS Informatica Alteryx
  4. Big Data Hadoop

Web & Mobile Development

You are passionate about build compelling user experiences that evoke delight. We want to help you find the resources to do so.

Augment your team with elite experts in Web and Mobile development.

SEHA Web & Mobile Development Delivery Methodology

  1. Product Discovery Define what you want to create, for who and why?
  2. UI/UX App Design Determine how your app will look and work?
  3. Project Kick-off & setup Who will be the resouces and their responsibilities?
  4. App Dev & QA Plan, Code, Build, Test
  5. Preparation & Publishing On Google Play store and Apple Store or Web Hosting service
  6. Post Development Phase Web or Mobile App maintenance and further development


  1. Front End JavaScript Angular React Vue
  2. Back End Java .Net Pyton Node Scala Ruby PHP C#.NET
  3. Mobile React Native ioS Framework7 Xamarin PhoneGap Android Ionic

About us

Data analytics is my passion.

I have been helping clients implement solutions since I graduated from George Washington University and joined Accenture in 2005. Gaining my expertise in various industries such as government, manufacturing, education, I eventually found my stride in healthcare. I was the lead BI Architect on the team that did the first Epic Caboodle Data Warehouse implementation in production for a large health care client. I have worked for large organizations such as UCLA Health in Los Angeles, CA and local systems such as Edward-Elmhurst in Naperville, IL.

Why have I decided to start SEHA?

With many years of helping clients implement analytics solutions, I realized getting good intelligence and data to make sound business decisions is still as much of a challenge now as it was when I started. With the advent of technologies such as ML and AI gaining popularity and the promise they hold, I'm now ready to share my knowledge and help organizations solve their data analytics challenges. And with a team of high-caliber professionals that share the same passion it’s exciting how much we can offer.

Ali Rizwan

CEO & Founder SEHA Consulting